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ECIT mainly provides the overall plan of the Smart City, the solution design of smart government, business and community, as well as the consultation services about construction of demonstration area.


ECIT has signed the strategy cooperation agreements with Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization in the field of Smart City, Intelligent Manufacturing, Integration of Information and Industrialization, Internet of Things and Information Security.


As the Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Smart Business District Innovation and Development Alliance (in preparation), ECIT takes the lead in formulating the local standards system and the series standards for the Smart City, Smart Parks, Smart Business Circle etc. Also, ECIT has made the development evaluation system for Shanghai Smart Park and Smart Business, bracing the 13th Five-Year Informatization Planning of Jiading District on development of the Smart Park.

ECIT has been undertaking the core work for SMCEI on establishing pilot groups of the 1st batch Smart Business Circles and the 3rd Smart Park, in which Huaihai Road listed in the 1st batch of the Smart Business Circle pilot unit. Cooperating with Shanghai Smart Park Development Association, ECIT has promoted the work of the design of top level, consultation planning and standard evaluation of the Smart Park. In addition, ECIT provides technical support and consultation services for Shanghai Municipal Government in building E-government application & E-mobile office and three-level linkage network on government information.