Caring for People and Constructing a World of Communications of Higher Quality


East China Institute of Telecommunications in Shanghai, as the most authoritative one-stop service base of communication testing and certification in Eastern China

provides a wide range of communications companies with reliable testing and certification solutions by means of its advanced devices and superior services, boosts rapid expansion of communications industry in China.

ECIT adheres to high quality and high efficiency in current information era that sees swift growth of science and technology

it conducts all sorts of performance testing for cell phones and other wireless terminal products used in the systems of 2G, 3G and LTE

to help our partners with improving product quality and upgrading market competitiveness

Facing fierce competition in the communication area in the world,

ECIT becomes one of the world’s most creditable testing and certification organizations with its international and domestic authoritative qualifications and strengths of software and hardware and therefore undertakes the responsibility of helping more Chinese enterprises be globalize.



Today, innumerable dreamers are opening a new era.

Keeping pace with the times and looking forward to the future, ECIT goes deeply into research and development of new technologies,

and helps heralds of the industry create an extensive blue ocean of business.

The excellence of ECIT runs through its most precise testing result,

which derives from its most professional testing technical teams

With their experience and wisdom, the capability of the high-end testing equipment of ECIT can be brought into full play

ECIT features nearly one hundred professional testing platforms and open laboratories related to radio frequency, protocol, EMC, OTA, SAR, voice frequency, security, business application, environment reliability and software testing

which have successfully covered all frequency ranges needed in all kinds of communication systems.

With advanced equipment and instruments, scientific testing analysis and high-efficiency execution and operation

ECIT ensures the precision and authority of testing result,

winning approval from the international communication industry.

ECIT is releasing unlimited potential every day


It initiatively masters the trends of technological evolution in the future and diagnoses development directions of the industry via cutting-edge studies of communication policies,

assisting companies to capture the first chance in the ever-changing markets and achieve fast growth.

We can see that the people-oriented ECIT ,

effectively cuts time costs needed in certification through its scientific and rigorous management process.

It provides services including consultation, training, testing and certification with its one-stop service concept

and joins hands with companies to rapidly enter markets and seize competitive edges with superior products within the shortest time.

This is ECIT, with the concept of “Caring for People and Constructing a World of Communications of Higher Quality”,

People at ECIT will constantly expand businesses and seek technological breakthrough.

They will advance to excellence with countless partners of communications and inaugurate a gorgeous and bright future!

 Your Excellence  Our Pursuit



East Institute of CAICT,which is established by Institute of CATR of MIIT Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information and Shanghai Huangpu District Government .ECIT was operated in September 2010.

The first stage of ECIT is located in 7th-8th Floor G area No.668,East Beijing Rd .Shanghai P .R. China . covering an area of 3800 square meters, This stage of construction totally invested about RMB 100 million. ECIT will be constructed the largest experiment of east China.

       ECIT is committed to provide complete one-stop-shop testing and certification services . In order to help the customer’s new product successfully enter into domestic international market with the quickest speed ECIT has the world's most advance testing system as well as authorizable qualification .whether a kind of certification for government or GCF/PTCRB testing or the test request for Carrier .Customer will  get all  professional  solution  from ECIT.